Intro2BMX 2024 Club membership


Many thanks for attending our Intro2BMX program or induction sessions, we trust the riders and yourselves had a fantastic time.


When you become a member of Lisburn BMX Club you are not just joining a club but a large family of like-minded people.

We offer many opportunities for members from open sessions, coached race sessions social rides and day outings.

We have an amazing facility at your disposal, Northern Ireland’s only national standard BMX track but,  a Velosoluions pump track and Mountain bike trail.


As a member you also get savings on Tuesday coaching session costs, and opportunities to take part in exclusive to members sessions.

Our Family membership fees are based on adults over 18 years old and/or Siblings, please select the appropriate type. IE: two children or one adult and a child would be a Family of 2 memberships.


Our club is very family orientated so would encourage everyone to have a go, please just ask the next time your down

IE: two children or one adult and a child would be a Family of 2 membership.

  • Single Membership: £120.00
  • Family of 2 £150.00
  • Family of 3 £170.00
  • Family of 4 £190.00
  • Family of 5 £200.00

Club Membership is from January 1St 2024 > 31St of December 2024 inclusive.

Lisburn BMX Club members are entitled to use Lisburn BMX facility during official General opening times (open track sessions).

You book via the members booking portal This system is used by all members , slots are not guaranteed.

There may be additional charges for races, training sessions and specific coaching track / Pump track sessions.

Please check our website ( or facebook for details of our opening hours and special events.

Riders must have the appropriate and valid 2024 Cycling Ireland Licence and affiliated to Lisburn BMX Club or another UCI federation applicable licence ( EG British Cycling).

Help can be found HERE.

Without a licence you are not insured and therefore cannot ride the track. It is the riders / parents responsibility to have the appropriate Cycling Ireland licence or UCI federation applicable licence. Details on Cycling Ireland Licence can be found HERE.

Apply for a Cycling Ireland licence HERE. If you are having difficulty registering with Cycling Ireland or need help with the type of licence you need please contact Cycling Ireland directly on +353 (1) 8551522.

If you have not ridden the track before you will be required to take part in an induction Session so that we can be sure that you have a complete understanding of the track.  These sessions are on a Sunday morning.

These are aimed at new riders to the track, not riders who have visited before.

If you are already member of another Cycling Ireland or UCI federation Club you can use the facility by Paying as You Go (PAYG).

You can book sessions using this link.

Application details

ICE Details

Emergency contact update, we require you to add your ICE details for the application.

Medical update:

we require you to carefully fill out the medical information section will all relevant details the club requires, including but not limited to allergies, medications that you may be on and conditions.
This is to safeguard you as a member so that the club is aware in case a medical issue rises.

Examples may include

  • the use of inhalers for asthma,
  • peanuts or adhesive (plasters) allergies etc.
  • Disabilities
  • neuro divergent Conditions , Including ADHD, Autism, Dyspraxia, and Dyslexia.
  • if none are applicable please enter N/A

If any of the rider’s details or main address has changed please add these to the comments section.

Once this form is submitted the details and licence will be checked and details for payment sent to the email provided.

Terms & Conditions acceptance

By submitting your application you are agreeing to abide by Lisburn BMX Clubs policies, Facility & Member Code of Conduct , BMX Ireland Rules and Regulation (APPENDIX 1), the Cycling Ireland Code of Conduct (APPENDIX 2) and CI Code of Practice and Safeguarding Procedures for Young and Vulnerable Cyclists (APPENDIX 3)

Lisburn BMX Club reserves the right to refuse & Revoke membership, decline renewals & transfer requests.

Once your application is submitted it will be reviewed (within 5 working days)and you will receive instructions to the email provided. We look forward to welcoming you as a member in 2024.

Questions regards your membership? no problem please just drop us an email


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    Riders Name*


    Date of Birth*



    Membership options

    Payment option

    Emergency Contact

    Please indicate below the person who should be contacted in an emergency*

    Relationship to Member*

    Phone Number*


    Medical Information

    Please detail any underlying, recurring or present ailment or medical condition, however minor it may appear. (Examples would include epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, recent injuries, allergies, etc.

    Medical condition(s) and recommended treatment/actions to be taken if symptoms appear: If you have any concerns about participating in any form of physical activity then please consult your GP before taking part in cycling activities or sessions. If none please just add ''N/A''

    Membership Fees

    Terms and Conditions*

    by clicking this box you agree to abide by all the Terms and Conditions associated with becoming a Club Member, Our Rules and Cycling Ireland's Code Of Conduct (if under 18 years this must be clicked by a parent or guardian)
    I confirm that photographs of myself / my child can be used for promotional purposes