Lisburn BMX club is a CASC-registered constituted community amateur sports club run solely by a dedicated group of volunteers.

Our goals are very simple

  • To provide riders the facility and resources to allow their riding to flourish.
  • To provide coaching sessions to actively increase race performance.
  • To promote not just racing but cycling as a whole within the local community.
  • To promote an easy-going and welcoming environment with a community feel and presence.
  • Continuing support and improvement of the track and surrounding areas
  • Encourage the growth of BMX racing through our Club Development Program
  • Helping to create a healthy, vibrant, and connected community.
  • Enhance member’s environmental awareness through our bio-diversity programs




Our History

The Club was originally set up in the 80’s but fell into decline when the sport became less popular.

It was reformed in 2012 through social media we got together and created the ‘Lisburn BMX Club’ with just 10 members and then went about building a BMX track.

After some dead ends and new avenues, with the help from the Alpha Groundworks Programme, we were able to secure their 1st Alpha Grant and rebuild the existing Lisburn BMX Race Track into a National grade BMX Track.

The BMX Race track was built by volunteers and Three years later the new track opened in 2016, Skip hours, months and years of hard volunteer labor and dedication, the club is now thriving and has grown to have now over 170 members ranging in age from three-years-old to 50 plus.

Lisburn BMX Track remains the only national standard track within Northern Ireland.

We are affiliated to the National Governing body Cycling Ireland




Development Plans

We’re constantly looking at ways to develop the site and since 2018 the club has undergone a phased regeneration program to bring the club in line with more modern facilities and support our local and wider community. These developments include,

  • Renew the start gate. The existing start gate was antiquated and was prone to reliability and safety issues, especially when running races! We installed a ProStart compliant gate, a UCI & British Cycling recognised system, The gate system is highly developed, very reliable, has less frequency for servicing, and yet very serviceable should issues arise with excellent support from ProStart. (completed 2019).
  • Mains electricity connected to the site (ETA end 2021), Complete 2023
  • Upgrading of 2nd Straight to bring it more in line with technical standards (completed Feb 2021).
  • Addition of pump line to accommodate and develop riders(completed July 2020).
  • Natural Biodiversity program for the site ( started June 2021 – in progress).
  • Rider timing  – Mylaps timing systems (Nov 2021).
  • Mains water and sewerage (TBC).
  • Construction of W/C block to include facilities for male, female, and disabled members (TBC).

Lisburn BMX Club now operates a booking system for track sessions please see our booking page for more information.