What safety gear do I need for BMX racing?


Sports like BMX that involve racing do have risks associated with them. To minimise these risks without removing the fun, proper safety gear is absolutely necessary.

At Lisburn BMX Club we require all riders participating in racing, coaching or practice sessions meet the compulsory requirements on safety gear, no exceptions will be made regardless of weather conditions or any other reason.

While these requirements are compulsory, it’s recommended that riders wear clothing that is of a sturdy nature. Elbow, shin and knee guards are optional and also well worth considering for extra protection.


Full Faced Helmet:

A “full face” helmet is needed for BMX racing. A BMX racing or down hill mountain bike helmet is ideal as they are light and well vented so they don’t get too hot. These helmets are available at most good bike shops.

As with any helmet, it only works properly if it is correctly fitted. Ensure yours is the right size for you and that the chin strap is adjusted firmly. Full faced helmets are more expensive than regular bicycle helmets, so it’s well worth shopping around for a good deal because it will be a valuable investment for your safety.


Full Fingered Gloves:

A pair of gloves must be worn on your hands. The gloves must be full fingered, to cover all of the skin on your hands.


Long Sleeved Top:

A long sleeved top worn tucked in, is required. The sleeves must be full length, not ¾ or “a little bit short” because you’ve grown. The aim is to have all your skin covered. Note that a crash may damage the top, so if it’s your Sunday best top choose another.


Long Pants:

Long pants must be worn, not ¾ pants or long shorts( unless wearing full knew/shin protection) . The pants must be full length, so they come down over the ankle. Tracksuit pants or jeans are acceptable for BMX racing.

Motocross pants are also a popular choice. Note that it is very important that your pants are firm fitting on your legs, as pants that are loose around the lower leg can get stuck in the front chain sprocket very easily (we see this happen at races often).


Closed Toe Shoes:

A pair of “closed in” shoes must be worn (ie. no sandals or shoes with holes are allowed). Runners are a popular choice and leather shoes are also acceptable – common shows would be MTB shoes ( Five Tens/ Ride concepts)

Note that it’s a very good idea to tuck your laces into your shoes, so that they don’t get caught in any part of your bike.