MYLAPS ProChip timing systems have been utilized at the UCI World Championships since 1993, the Olympic games since 1996, and the Tour de France since 2004.  More recently the UCI BMX world and UEC MTB championships and the Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships and is a first on the island of Ireland for BMX, here in Lisburn BMX Club



High speed accuracy   Instant athlete identification   Timing over multiple heats 

The ProChip system has been designed to provide accurate results to 1/1000th of a second and a 99.9% capture rate Through the use of this timing system we will be able to provide riders , whom have a MyLaps ProChip Flex Transponder accurate timing data, for their gate , 1st berm ( holeshot) lap time utilizing the three loops embedded within the track and the gate actuation time.


Why are we using Mylaps timing?


Lisburn BMX Club have invested over £5000 in this system as we develop in the future of BMX Racing , Training and rider development .

Timing systems have become essential to BMX racing and trainings, Our system, will help you get the best out of your performance, no matter whether you are racing or training.

The ProChip timing system is one of the most reliable and accurate timing solutions in the industry, that provides you with instant results at all times, this will be used in conjunction with Sqorz and BEM.




What are they & why are we using them?

Taking the term above back to the basics, the “transponder” is a small part of a complete system.

The MyLaps system is a digital timing system made up of sensors. At the beginning of a BMX moto or dedicated training session, a sensor starts the race time when the gate is dropped. Then other sensors in the form of wire loops in the ground detect when the ‘transponder’ on your bike as it passes over the loop.

These loops let the race system know a rider ID & the time when you pass over the loop. The system records all the riders & times in that moto/session, then the finish line loop stops the moto time for each rider. Then the next moto is started when its gate is dropped.

The decision to use transponders has multiple sides, it gives the sport a new data in the form of race times, it is a more accurate way to determining finishing positions and it will in time, also speed up race days due to the efficiencies of the finishing process, of no manual finish line decisions, no points board line up.

At the moment Lisburn BMX Club will be using this for rider development training purposes only and not races. We would activity encourage all riders to purchase a transponder and it will benefit the rider through the data.

With the multiple loops it will give riders & our club coaches start times, straight times, corner time, and lap time. All this data is essential for our rider development program.


Can I share my transponder?

Each transponder has a unique code that is registered to an individual rider so cannot be shared – if you quit racing for some reason, transponders can be transferred/sold to another rider but you must inform the club so details can be changed on our system.


What happens if I lose my transponder?

You will have to buy a new. So don’t lose it!!!


What if I already have a transponder?

If it is a compatible Pro flex MYLAPS transponder, then you will be able to use it. The ID number will need to be registered to the rider on the Lisburn BMX Club Mylaps CCnet client system.


What happens if it breaks?

The transponders have a lifetime guarantee if activated with MYLAPS.


How do I get my results/times

We will be transferring over to the Sqorz & moto-sheets / BEMtrain Race Software system which works in partnership with the MYLAPS transponder.  Sqorz will update in real time and your results should be able to be viewed by the time you return to your club or team area. – Note some data may not be publicly available; however individual rider data will be upon request by a parent/ guardian.

Add your transponder number here to see your timings My Sqorz.


How can I find out more?

Search the internet for MYLAPS or talk to a club official and they can put you in touch with people to help with any other questions you may have.


Fitting of your transponder

Please note the fitment of the transponder must be accurate and will be checked to ensure a fair timing is achieved for every rider.

It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that the transponder is fitted correctly to their bike. Transponders should be fitted to the left-hand side of the forks, as far down the fork leg as possible. Transponders can only be fitted to the outside or inside of the forks. Any other position will be deemed as cheating and this may result in disqualification.
Please see the correct fitment below.
Incorrectly fitted and you will be asked to remove and refit like the above.

What are the costs?

you can purchase transponders via the clubs site here or directly from the UK distributor.

Once you get your transponder you will need to activate it via MYlaps you can do this here  and notify the club of your transponder ID.